Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

We are well-groomed.

Sure, in the summertime we’re river rats, and in the winter we’re ski bums.  But, who says we aren’t well-groomed!?

Just take a look at our Nordic track.  It’s VERY well-groomed.  And that’s not an easy task this time of year.  With all the rain, wind, snow and sun we’ve been having (sometimes all in one day!) it’s really tricky to get our 10+K Nordic and snowshoe trails groomed just right.  But, our groomers are the best in the biz.  Darwon, Billy and Marc have been up early making sure skiers can get the most out of the season.  We won’t quit until the fat lady (Mother Nature in springtime) sings.  So get up here, step into your skinny skis or rent some from our gear shop, and get gliding.

Be sure to wear clothing that can get wet.  These are springtime conditions, so if you take a spill you could get a little soppy.

When you’re done, come on in to the shop and…go shopping!  We’ve got a mega sale going on until April 15th.

See you soon!

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