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Posted: January 9th, 2012 by OM

The snow may be slow in coming this year, but that doesn’t mean there are not opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to get some beautiful photos when you are out on the trail, on the slopes, or just doing that winter drive.

We thought we’d find you some nice tips on how to shoot great images during the winter months. If you are close to the Glacier Outdoor Center, our neighbor Glacier National Park beckons and rarely disappoints for great image opps. We like to watch the Lake McDonald Webcam for an indicator of when conditions are ripe – some of the most beautiful shots of the Park are taken right there.

So, here are a couple of quick tips before you head out into the frozen landscape, from professional photographer Jerry Monkman, and the folks at

  • “Stay powered. Cold temperatures reduce the length of time your camera’s batteries will function. Always bring a spare or two, and use power-sapping features like auto focus, live view, and LCD playback sparingly.”
  • “Stay dry. Keep snow away from your camera and lenses as much as possible. While dry, fluffy snow isn’t as bad as rain on your equipment, you should still blow or wipe it from your gear whenever necessary. Also, never bring a camera and lenses directly into a warm environment after it has been out in the cold. Pack them in your camera bag or plastic bags before heading inside and let them warm up to room temperature before taking them out. Otherwise, moisture will condense on the glass and metal surfaces, potentially damaging your gear.”

Read all of their hints and tips on their blogsite.

And Dan Bailey, at has some great equipment advice to keep in mind, along with some great images of outdoor adventure. Check it out here. That’s Dan’s shot at the top of this post.

You got any great winter shots yet? Send them our way, we’d love to share them.

Posted: October 6th, 2011 by OM

Unlike the previous six years, Glacier Outdoor Center will not remain open for the upcoming snowbound  months of winter. We will be closing Glacier Outdoor Center’s gear shop doors on October 15th, 2011 until April 1st, 1012.
Our attention to fishing and rafting during the spring, summer, and fall months has finally outweighed our need to keep our shop and Nordic ski area open during the winter.  The cabins will remain open until October 31st. Thank you to everyone who has supported our Nordic program and joined us in discovering Glacier National Park while it rested beneath copious amounts of Montana snow. Keep the spirit alive and continue on your own adventures.
There is still time, however, to snag some great deals on winter adventure gear at our shop. This includes clothing and equipment.
If you have any questions you can contact Glacier Outdoor Center (406)888-5454 or 800-235-6781. The reservations number and staff will still be open through the winter Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm.

Posted: March 25th, 2011 by OM

The sad news is that there may only be a week or so left of skiable snow on our Nordic ski trails at Glacier Outdoor Center.  The good news is that the snow is still good enough to get some memorable final days of gliding in.  We’re still grooming the trails.  Darwon just groomed today, and it looks really nice.  The even better news is that when you get up here, you have the opportunity to get into a new-to-you classic Nordic ski outfit.

We’re clearing out our 2010/11 stock of rental skis, boots and poles so we can upgrade for next season.  The skate skis are already sold out, since word of mouth spreads like wildfire up here.  But we do have about 20 ski packages that we’re sending out the door for a killer deal.  The packages are going for about $250-$275.  That’s a steal!

We’re also selling our rental snowshoes, and we’ve got those marked way down.   If you had fun snowshoeing and skiing at Glacier Outdoor Center and in Glacier National Park this year, now is the time to gear your gang up for next season.  Come on up…they’re good ’til they’re gone.

SKI you soon!

Posted: March 22nd, 2011 by OM

Sure, in the summertime we’re river rats, and in the winter we’re ski bums.  But, who says we aren’t well-groomed!?

Just take a look at our Nordic track.  It’s VERY well-groomed.  And that’s not an easy task this time of year.  With all the rain, wind, snow and sun we’ve been having (sometimes all in one day!) it’s really tricky to get our 10+K Nordic and snowshoe trails groomed just right.  But, our groomers are the best in the biz.  Darwon, Billy and Marc have been up early making sure skiers can get the most out of the season.  We won’t quit until the fat lady (Mother Nature in springtime) sings.  So get up here, step into your skinny skis or rent some from our gear shop, and get gliding.

Be sure to wear clothing that can get wet.  These are springtime conditions, so if you take a spill you could get a little soppy.

When you’re done, come on in to the shop and…go shopping!  We’ve got a mega sale going on until April 15th.

See you soon!

Posted: March 11th, 2011 by OM

Who is ready to get outside this weekend?

This is the time of year when people really get squirrely. There are more and more signs of Spring, and the sun is showing itself after a long Montana winter.  (Well, it’s grey today, but you know what I mean.)  So, the best way to combat the pre-spring squirrlies is to get outdoors and take advantage of the snow season’s grand finale.

Here in Glacier Country, we are still looking at about another month before winding down the winter business and getting ready for the change over to the summer season.  Today snow is still falling and our snowshoe and Nordic ski trips into Glacier National Park are as popular as ever.  Remember, the trails at the Outdoor Center are groomed daily making it an easy way for the whole family to enjoy a day in the snow.

After a day of Nordic skiing or snowshoeing, don’t miss the last few weekends of live music with our neighbors at the Belton Chalet.  This weekend the Shamrockers will rock the house with their five piece Irish band.  I’m not sure if there will be green beer, but I’ll bring some food coloring just in case.

And don’t forget–March is the perfect month to start planning your summer whitewater or fishing trip while still enjoying our last hurrah of winter outdoor recreation.  Get outside and play in the snow while we have it, then come inside and book your summer river adventure.

Can’t wait to see ya!

Posted: March 6th, 2011 by OM

What!  Did we say, “end of season!”  It CAN’T be!  But…it is.  Sure, we’ve still got a ton of snow up here, and the Nordic trails and snowshoe trails are still hot to trot, but the winter is truly winding down.  That means, as you come up to Glacier Outdoor Center to get in some more Nordic laps, be sure to step into our gear shop to take advantage of the amazing end-of-season sales we’ve got going.  Whether you need to add to your Smart Wool sock collection, or you need a new favorite beanie at home, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.

You’ll see 40% off on some beautiful technical layers and winter gear.

Take a look at some of the pictures of The North Face fleece, Outdoor Research down jackets, base layers and more that we have marked down just for you.

See you soon!

Oh–one more thing–if you want to know how long this sale will last, just think about your taxes.  This sale ends April 15th–tax day!  So, get those taxes done, think about that fat tax return, and go shopping at GOC.

Posted: March 2nd, 2011 by OM

Wow.  Punxsutawney Phil must have been a wee bit bleary-eyed when he popped his head out of his Groundhog hiding place.  On February 2nd he called for an early end to cold and snowy days but, at least in our neck of the woods, winter doesn’t look to be departing any time soon.  The sheer quantity of snow that we’ve received in West Glacier, combined with the diligence of our grooming crew, has made for wide, even, consistent Nordic trails that are sure to delight any of you free-heelin outdoor junkies.  The deep and fluffy nature of our recent snowfall has also made for phenomenal snowshoeing conditions in and around Glacier Park.  Come see for yourself!

Current Temperature: 36 Degrees F.

Cloud Cover: Overcast

Wind: N/A

New Snow (last 48 hrs): 8 inches

Trail Conditions: Freshly groomed

Posted: February 25th, 2011 by OM

So, you all know about the big Nordic race going down this weekend at the Glacier Outdoor Center...right? Glacier Outdoor Center and the Glacier Nordic Ski Club are teaming up again to host the “Race at Glacier” for the 2011 Western States Youth Ski Festival. So….that means our trails are a bit busy this weekend and actually closed starting tonight at 5:00 pm until midday on Sunday afternoon. Sorry for any inconvenience!  We still hope you’ll come up here and watch these amazing youth athletes do some serious Nordic shredding!

And don’t forget–our fully-stocked rental shop is open for you to get some gear and take your adventure into the winter wonderland of Glacier National Park for a snowshoe or cross country ski excursion.

Check out the Lake McDonald web cam today!

There is more of this sun headed our way this weekend–at least for Saturday.  So bundle up and soak in the rays.

Have a great weekend!

Young skiers will gather in West Glacier for the regional Nordic competition.

The Glacier Outdoor Center and Glacier Nordic Ski Club are teaming for a second straight year to host “The Race at Glacier” during the 2011 Western States Youth Ski Festival. The race will bring more than 150 Nordic racers, ages 6-15, from all across the Northwest and Rocky Mountain Region to compete in this two-day event.

When: Saturday, Feb. 26th 9:30am-2:30pm Sunday, Feb. 27th 9:30am-12:00pm

Where: Glacier Outdoor Center, 12400 Hwy 2 East, West Glacier, MT 59936

Who: 150+ Youth Nordic Racers from Montana, Idaho, Utah, Washington and Canada

What: Skate, Classic, Obstacle and Downhill Nordic race events

Concessions and luxury cabin accommodations are available at Glacier Outdoor Center and spectators are welcome. Volunteers are needed for timing, course maintenance and food concession.  Cameron Blake is the volunteer coordinator and can be reached at

Posted: February 18th, 2011 by OM

Want to learn a great new outdoor winter hobby?  Learn how to cross country ski with Glacier Outdoor Center, for free!  That’s right, free!  Every Wednesday Glacier Outdoor Center is offering free cross country ski lessons at 10:00 am.

We have two experienced guides ready to help show you the ropes.  Cross country skiing is a great aerobic sport that is low impact and so much fun.   We also have ski rentals for a low price so all you need to do is bring yourself.  Enjoy our over 10K of groomed trails as you learn this fun and rewarding sport.

Come see for yourself why Glacier Outdoor Center is the leader in outdoor activity in Glacier country.  Call or visit Glacier Outdoor Center today to reserve your spot for Free cross country lessons !